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Hello my beautiful butterscotch cookies!

Sunday night was so magical for me. The season premier of American Gods FINALLY aired. If you follow me on anything, you know how much I love Neil Gaiman and his amazing amazingness. I did a review of the book a while back and when they said it was going to get turned into a STARZ original show I geeked out so hard I sprained something.

Let’s start at the beginning. The intro. It is so amazing. The imagery, the music, the representation of different faiths and how they slowly turn into the new gods. I feel like no words that I fling at you describe how breathtaking the intro is. On how amazing the whole episode was.

Taco, so what you’re saying is that you loved the first episode? So glad you asked my fellow nerd. I did. Absolutely.

Bryan Fuller and company did such an awesome job at sticking to the original material. In my opinion it has a lot to do with Mr. Gaiman being one of the executive producers. It’s not often you see the creator of the source material have say in the adaptations. I know Vampire Diaries did it but it went downhill once LJ Smith (author of the series) was fired from the show. I was worried that they were going to try and fit the whole book or half of it in one season. So glad I was wrong. The first season will cover about ⅓ of the book. Yes! This is my new favorite show.

The cast! Thank you cast directors! You guys rocked it. Sometimes when you imagine the characters and when you see the show/movie they don’t match. Everyone (that’s been introduced so far) is just like I expected them to be. Well, that’s a lie. Techincal Boy was supposed to be this big fat slob but they changed him to be more of a sleek douchenozzle, but it suits Technical Boy.

Here’s a quick rundown on the characters we’ve met so far.

American Gods - Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittleis not a god, but he’s very very important to everything. There is no shortage on who wants to kill my baby Shadow. They nearly do, on multiple occasions but he has a guardian angel of sorts. I can’t tell you more because that’ll ruin next week’s episode.

American Gods - Loki

His prison buddy (Jonathan Tuckerwill also be important. They haven’t named him in the show yet so I’ll tell you. It’s Low Key and he’s a hell of a story teller. If you’re thinking it’s that one god, then yes. It is.

American Gods - Mr. Wednesday

Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShaneis Odin. I don’t feel bad about spoiling that for you because the book has been out for 10+ years, buddy. Basically he’s gathering as many old gods as he can to beat the new gods in a losing battle. Or is it a losing battle? Or maybe the old man has a few tricks up his sleeve. Hmm.

American Gods - Mad Sweeney

Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) is a leprechaun who might also be working for Wednesday. Keep an eye on him because he kind of sticks his foot in his own ass. Remember that coin he gives Shadow. It’s going to come up again a couple of times.  Good news, Dee. I read an article that they’re going to be spending more time on his story than Mr. Gaiman did in the book, we’ll be seeing more of that beautiful fighting Irishman.

American Gods - Laura Moon

Laura Moon (Emily Browning), the skank that cheated on my boo with his best friend. She’s dead but we’ll be seeing more of her.

American Gods - Technical Boy

Technical Boy (Bruce Langleyis the god of technology, if you hadn’t guessed. He’s a douche, I mean he vapes. Need I say more? My memory is a little fuzzy so I might be wrong but he might be one of main players in the fight of Old Gods vs New Gods.

American Gods - Mr. Ibis

Mr. Ibis (Demore Barnesis the Egyptian god Anubis. He’s the one that starts us off by telling us the story of the story of the vikings landing on what is now America. He’s like a scribe of everything that’s happened. His knowledge is endless and wisdom even more so. 

American Gods - Bilquis

Bilquis (Yetide Badaki). The goddess of love. The one that had the best scene in the whole episode. Yeah, she really did eat that guy via her hooha. Hey, he worshipped her. It was only fair. She wasn’t a lot in the book but maybe the show will fix that. Did anyone else notice how her eyes were slightly glowing as she was being worshipped?

There you have it. Everything you need to know so far to watch American Gods. I watched it three times and it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Guys, please watch it. Fangirl/boy (we gotta find a gender neutral name for this) with me! Ask Dee, I am an excellent fangirl.

Until next time. This is Mon, over and out. 

Image source: Starz

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