ELF Haul

I can not tell you how happy I was when I randomly ran into the ELF Store at my local mall. There I was happily walking with two of my girls when I eyes laid on such magnificent beauty.

ELF Store

I don’t know what happened next because I suddenly started grabbing things and heading to the register.

For this trip I only wanted to pick up a few things from their skin care line to test them out.

ELF Haul

Let’s break them down, and discuss the items since I’ve had a chance to test them.


If there’s something I truly love about this brand is their brushes. And this one doesn’t fail. I used it a few times with different purposes and I love it. My favorite thought, was using it with my microderm scrub. I felt it really helped get all the dead skin off. The exfoliating side felt like a facial massage and really smooth on the skin.


First and foremost, I have really oily skin. So I don’t personally recommend this to anyone with my same skin issues. Yes, it does melt your makeup off your face, you do everything going down the drain, BUT I had to wash my face around three times to remove any sign of this product. It left a heavy oily residue, specially on my eyelids. Plus, it barely removed my Tarte mascara. It just gave me sticky lids and raccoons eyes. It didn’t matter the amount I used. I did try it a few times with different amounts. Maybe I was doing something wrong? But each time, it as the same result, a big ole oily mess. A sad fail on my end since I know people rave about this product and its been featured in a zillion dupes videos.


Not the best and not the worst. They did quickly cleaned up my face but these do not assist in cleaning up mascara or anything along those lines. It did a good job to quickly clean up my face. I would buy them again.


This one was even a bigger disappointment than the Melt Cleanser. Ok pros: It actually did cover the pores. It was pretty damn impressive. Cons: And this is a big one. It never set. It didn’t matter how much powder I put on my face, my foundation moved the entire time and I ended up having to take it off because it looked awful. If it wasn’t because I tossed out the box, I would have returned it. And I don’t return makeup. Ever. But this one I would have. Anyone want it? I’ll never use it.


Because I spent over $15.00 USD they let me choose a free brush, and I picked the Complexion Brush. Its big and fluffy. Awesome to remove any excess powder. I really love their brushes. They are inexpensive an their work.

Over all I really like the ELF brand. I think they have done an amazing job reinventing themselves. I mean here is a brand that it’s easy accessible at a dollar store, and now have their own locations? It’s pretty remarkable!

Some products are a hit or a miss. But the beauty is that it’s so affordable that it doesn’t hurt when something doesn’t work for you. Still, how awesome would it be if everything worked flawlessly on your skin? Perfect world!

Have you tried any of these items? What was your experience? Let me know!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheismelrose says:

    $15 for a free item is rare these days but Elf is cheap. Thanks for the honest review now I know what to get and what not to get.

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      I try ro keep it as honest as possible. This is why I prefer paying for items than getting PR boxes. That way I can happily say how I feel and obligated to anything. Im so happy you liked it. Yeah, I was so surprised it was only $15. I mean could do that so fast 😂

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