#FitFriday Weather Break In February

Could y’all believe that last weekend it was in the 60’s?!

It was glorious to have such an amazing weather break in February. Usually, we are freezing our butts here in the northeast, and suffering from horrible cabin fever.

I will admit, this winter has been mild. So, no I am not complaining at all. Is just 60°F?! Yas give it to me Mother Nature!

Taking advantage of the beautiful day, I took my workout outside and fooled around the two parks closets to me.

Some of my form was a bit off because people were watching. Like really, go eat your bagel and let me workout.

By the way, future Dee is actually not freezing, hurray! The first part of the week was cold but today is back to being beautiful.


  • Pier A Park: 100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ
  • Washington Park: Because I’m a dork, I called it Columbus park. So dumb of me.

My gym OOTD details:

  • Sweater from PUMA
  • Racerback from Chin-Up Apparel
  • Leggings from Old Navy
  • FitBit
  • Nike Trainers
  • Quay Sunglasses

On nice days, I encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

What’s your favorite outdoors workout, you know besides evil running?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your leggings! Also you killed that outdoor workout. Not going to lie, “Like really, go eat your bagel and let me workout.” made me giggle a lot. I have yet to actually venture into outdoor workouts (aside from walking around / climbing stairs) but I think you’ve motivated me to start thinking about it. All the best!

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      The leggins are from Old Navy. They have amazing workout clothes! It was like they were starring even the ones that had their back to me kept asking me what I wad doing. I thought I was obviouslyworking out 😂😂😂 there are days that are way too nice to stay indoors. Venture out. You might like it!

  2. Sheismelrose says:

    I know is insane how warm it was for me to.

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Is back to being cold 😣

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