Hayley Paige Spring 2017

Princess Unicorn, Hayley Paige never fails in wowing us with her unique style. I personally feel, all brides could be a Hayley Paige Bride.

She has a playful and fun look at fashion and her designs show that. From ball gowns to bedazzle and everything in between.

Her Spring 2017 collection will leave you with hearts in your eyes looking for a unicorn and mermaids.


Meet Obi Wan. A dress out of this universe and ready to fight the Force!


Usually when you attend press shows, you receive a little something as a thank you. For October’s Bridal Market, Mrs. Paige created wrote and illustrated book dedicated to her brides, titled Property of Good Vibes. It’s super cute! Click the image below to check it out.


If you’re in love with her designs like I am, I have better news for you! She JUST released a bridal emoji app called Holy Matrimoji.


The only downfall is that it’s only available on iTunes App Store. Hopefully she’ll release an android one soon because I need it!

For more information on Hayley Paige’s Spring 2017 Collection, visit her website. And be sure to visit one of her Trunk Shows.

Now for the hard question, which one is your favorite gown?


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