The Brush Bar

Who’s ready for a new Ipsy Offer? We all are! This time I am doing initial reaction, testing, and reviewing The Brush Bar. I’ve always used the palm of my hand to clean my brushes and after the thirtieth brush, it just gets exhausting.

Reaching for my horribly dirty Eve Pearl 201 – Dual Contour Blender Brush. And mixing equal parts Dawn dish soap and olive oil, I took this party to the bathroom.

ABOUT THE BRUSH BAR | The Brush Bar is a father-daughter team based out of San Jose, CA. Both the elder Dr. Wu and the junior Almost-If-She-Hadn’t-Quit-Dr. Wu have been tinkering with inventing products that delight and improve their whole lives. In late 2014, they finally hunkered down and started The Brush Bar from a simple desire to tackle one of the biggest frustrations of makeup (or so believes the junior AISHQ-Dr. Wu, a clinically serious beauty junkie from age 7) – brush maintenance.

I went ahead and doubled checked the price, and I only paid $12 USD with free shipping. Regular price is $26. What a steal! 

You do not need to be an Ipsy member in order to take advantage. So, make sure you that you check the website daily for new amazing offers. CHECK TODAY’S OFFER.

Sadly, The Brush Bar is sold out, but they do have a 20% Off any purchase at Enter offer code IPSYDEC20 at checkout. Code expires 2/21/17. And their website is currently offering free shipping.

Special shout out to the IpsyOS Gangsters! Looking forward to our collaboration coming in February.

Do you have The Brush Bar? Do you want to get it? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite brush cleaner.



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