Rime Arodaky Fall 2017

Fall in love with the night time things; Wolves. Auroras. Art. Music. Firelight. Mystery.

-Victoria Erickson

I’ll be honest with you, seeing the big wedding designers during NY’s Bridal Fashion week, is nothing short of a dream. But my favorites tend to be the new designers. The fresh eyes, the new looks, the new ideas… I love that. And that’s why we celebrate Bridal Market after all. To see what’s new.

This past October I was introduced to French designer Rime Arodaky. I am so happy I was in attendance! She designs for the unconventional Bridal. Among many, her collection contains chic separates, cutout details, and quirky floral embellishments.

All her gowns are made in France. Lace, macramé, organza, crepe… All iconic fabrics of the Maison. Rime and her team of experts, choose the best Italian and French textiles from local suppliers.

But where she stands out, besides her unique style, it’s that she is a Cruelty-Free brand. As an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental issues, Rime does not use any animal skins or products (including, but not limited to, wool, feathers, fur, silk or leather) in the making of her creations.  Taking it one step further, the brand will only work with suppliers and partners who share their same vision of a cruelty-free business model.

You have to admire that! In this world, where people seem to have no morals, she stands out from the rest. And from the looks below, being cruelty-free doesn’t hinder her style.


Brides just like to have fun? Because after seeing these dresses…


For more information on Rime, visit her website. And don’t forget to check out here ready-to-wear collection.


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