Christmas with the Cunninghams by Julianna Marley


By Julianna Marley

  • Series: The Mavericks
  • Released: December 12, 2016
  • Genre: Sports, Romance, Christmas

Shay Cunningham has some big news to announce. Not only did he just lead his national football team into the playoffs, but he’s bringing home his new fiancé and her daughter for Christmas. With a father recovering from back surgery, a painfully pregnant sister-in-law and eight rambunctious nieces and nephews all under one roof, what could possibly go wrong?

Whitney Scott cannot wait to spend Christmas day with her new large, lively and loving family now that Shay made all her dreams came true less than twenty-four hours ago. But with twenty-one family members all under one roof, things are bound to heat up.

Join Shay and Whitney as they spend their first Christmas together. It’s time to deck the halls, rock around the Christmas tree and enjoy a (not so) silent night

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HO! HO! HO! I’m wearing reindeer hat as I write this review. Just thought I’d share.

Need something heart warming to read during this upcoming Christmas weekend? Look no further than Christmas with the Cunninghams by Julianna Marley. This heart warning story is exactly what you want to cuddle with under blankets after the kiddies open their gifts from Santa.

You first meet Whitney, Shay, and baby Quinn in Hail Mary. So if you’ll like to get the full on effect on this couple, I would suggest reading Hail Mary first. However, I read this one first and I fully enjoyed. But you know, some of us are picking about reading books in order, so I did my civic duty by giving you a heads up. *salutes*

This is their first Christmas together and they joined Shay’s crazy, big, and loud as all hell family. They are Irish and don’t apologize for their joy of life and love for their family. Whitney’s family is nothing like The Cunningham’s. So not only was it a new experience for her, but she was beyond happy to be welcomed to their crazy clan with wide open arms. She finally felt like she belonged and truly loved. You could feel the spirit of the Holiday season surrounding them all like a cozy blanket.

Without giving spoilers, my favorite part was when they first walk in to Shay’s parents house and they stood back to watch the chaos. Then Shay yells over them, everyone stops on their tracks, and suddenly they all rush over to them. A huge smile spread across my face and brought into perspective the kind of family they were. Everyone should have a family like the Cunningham’s. I mean, I want to be adopt by them? Pretty please Julianna? 

If you’ve read Hail Mary, then you HAVE to read this novella. OR If you want a quick, heart warming story this Christmas weekend, get this book. And after you read it, you’ll not only thank me (you’re welcome!), you’ll rush on over to your Kindle and download her other books. Seriously, Indie authors are going to bankrupt me. But what a fun way to be broke!

I give this short 4 Nerd Glasses out of 5! Really hoping to see this family in tons more books.



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