Rustic Plaid Christmas Wedding

Happy Christmas Wedding!

Anyone getting married over the Christmas weekend? Huge congratulations to anyone saying I do, and saying yes.

Yes, I am heart and soul summer girl. But, I’ve always loved the idea of a Christmas Wedding. The thought of standing in front of a big fireplace surrounded by your close friends and family tying the knot, just fills me with feels and warm thoughts.

Taking my crazy obsession with Christmas plaid and pickup trucks to Pinterest, I put together my idea of a Rustic Plaid Wedding. I don’t know what it is this year, I am just in love with this theme. Even my Christmas jammies are plaid. 

It literally took me hours to put this together. Yes, Danessa warned I was going to drop into the Pinterest abyss. But did I listen to her? No! Why would I listen to my wittle sister? But yeah ok, I did fail prey to the pin hording. Some of those weddings out there are mesmerizing!

Any who, here’s my ideal Rustic Plaid Christmas Wedding. Enjoy!


If you were going to have a Christmas Wedding, what would be your theme?


ps. For picture credits please visit pinterest.

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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    This will make the perfect Christmas wedding 🙂

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