Berta Fall 2017

‘Tis the season to get engaged! Congratulations to anyone getting engaged or married this Holiday Season.

A personal favorite designer of mine is Berta. Honestly, she always blows my mind and the Fall 2017 collection did just that. Inspired by, flowers from all over the world. To Berta, flowers are fascinating, and have a magical scent. They arouse all senses, and have an admirable inner-complexity.

This bridal collection includes 30 creations, sophisticated in cut and structure, and brings a new kind of aesthetics, emphasizing in 3D flowers, lace, and brave use of color.

These gowns bring a sensation of liberalism, wild freedom, and a bold use of artistic design approach.


Could you pick a favorite? Yeah neither could I. Just sit back and enjoy these beautiful gowns.


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