Rebels & Readers 2016 Photos

Happy Election Day Nerds!

If you’re in the States, regardless who you are voting for, make sure that you do vote. It’s your right and you should exercise it. And now that I’ve done my civic and patriotic duty, I’ll step off my soap box.

As promised yesterday, today we have for you a video with some fun pictures of authors, models, and photographers we met during Rebels & Readers 2016. There’s also a quick walk through of the signing floor. Take a look.

Hope you enjoyed it! *fingers crossed*

Thank you to anyone that took time to talk to us. All of you are really awesome!

Tomorrow, we will be taking you behind the scenes with Reggie Deanching of R+S Photo as he shoots cover model and hilarious dude, Josh McCann. Can’t wait!

Missed our Rebels & Readers 2016 recap? Not to worry, catch up here.


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