Rebels & Readers 2016 Recap

We are sitting in a car ready to drive nine hours home from Rebels n’ Readers 2016 as we write this recap. To put it in three words, it was awesome! We are tired but 1000% happy we drove the 600+ miles to Huntington, West Virginia.

Amy McGlone and Tonya Nagel, you ladies put on a heck of an event. And can not wait to be invited to cover future signings.

Let’s take it back to the Friday night mixer. It wasn’t a formal event. Most people drove or had flown in that same day. So I am sure the last thing anyone wanted was to get dressed up. It was nice to toss something on and share a few drinks with authors and readers.

We loved the opportunity to hang out with everyone in a relaxed informal atmosphere. Advice to authors for future events, pretty please wear your name tags? A lot of us may know your name but your face is a mystery. Personally, I kept looking around trying to see if I recognized anyone. Yes even the men, I kept trying to figure if they were models or a husband/boyfriend.

The highlight of the night for us was meeting Golden Czermak. He’s an author, badass photographer, and fitness inspiration. WE LOVE HIM! Not only is Golden extremely humble, he has a smile to die for, and a super sexy accent that will have us fangirling for ever #GoldenFangirls. Thanks a million for taking time to talk to us.

On to the main event, the actual signing. We had early access and walked in with the VIP crowd at noon. We couldn’t help notice that the General Admission line was already piling up, it was pretty long when we walked in.

Not wanting to waste time, we headed straight to the authors we wanted to meet first, you know to avoid lines… yeah that wasn’t the case because everyone else had our same idea lol! Oh hell we tried. But really the wait wasn’t long at all.

It was a true honor to have to met so many wonderful authors. Thank you to everyone of you that allowed us to ask you a billion questions, and even letting us put you on the spot with a few our direct questions. 

Two authors that stick out off the top of our heads are Emme Burton and Elle James. Can you believe Ms. James has written over 120 books?! Isn’t that incredible?! Even more so she made us official Elles Belles, and we have the shirts to prove it #bejealous.
We do have some advice to both readers and authors for future events. Let’s start with readers. Here are some tips that may help your book signing experience.

  • If the author is offering a pre-sale and pick up at the event, jump on it. It not only saves you time, you don’t need to constantly keep pulling out your wallet.
  • Talk to everyone. You don’t know if the person in front of you is an author that happens to be attending the event as a reader. We actually met a few just by talking to people on line.
  • Books are heavy. Trust us, we had to make a trip to our hotel to unload. So if you’re planning on buying a lot, take something with wheels with you.
  • Bring cash. Yes most authors take credit card, however cash transactions are faster, especially exact change. Plus some add on a dollar due to credit card  transaction fees to the cost of the book.
  • Remember there’s other people on line waiting their turn. Yes, please be sure to talk to the authors, but also be aware that people are waiting.
  • Be kind to the models. Yes, they are there as a visual buffet for the eyes, but be courteous to them. They are just the biggest sweethearts. And yes that goes for both male and female models.
  • Wear comfy shoes, you’ll be standing for hours.
  • And last but not least, keep yourselves hydrated.

Now some advice to the authors.

  • If you accept pre-orders, have them signed and dedicated prior to the event. That way you could dedicate more time to your readers.
  • Please do bring a personal assistant (PA). Even new authors need help taking payments when the waves of people come through. Keep in mind that family and friends make great assistants and most likely free of cost. Tons of authors had their other halves helping. For example, Andria Large had her husband not only helping, he knew her books and knew how to sell them himself. Plus he was wearing the best shirt in the entire place! We’ll share it on our Instagram today.
  • For the larger authors, please have a PA monitoring the line to make sure you are not blocking other tables, like BT Urruela‘s PA. She kept things moving and organized, and even helped by taking pictures of BT with anyone that walked up his table.
  • Keep your lines moving. One author in particular had an obscene line that wasn’t moving. At all. Blocking other authors, and making it hard to get around it. We personally walked off the line after the people in front of us said they had been waiting and hour.

And I think that’s about it. It was a super fun signing. We are no longer signing virgins, yay! Your other events have big shoes to fill. Our first time was memorable and will be hard to top. 

I wanted to leave y’all with pictures and a quick video walk through I put together, but it’s past midnight at this point and we drove for about 10 hours today. So you’ll get all of that tomorrow. Patience Daniel Son. We will share a few pictures on our Instagram today, so stop by through out the day. 

In the mean time, if you attended Rebel & Readers 2016, share your thoughts and/or advice to future attendants below. We’d love to read your thoughts.

Happy Reading! 
Silvia & Dee

PS- Jase Dean is my new boyfriend. Deal with it.

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