Behind the Scenes with R+M Photo

Ever wonder what it’s like to be behind a photo shoot? Perfect, because that’s exactly what we have for you today. While we were at Rebels & Readers 2016, we had the opportunity to shadow photographer Reggie Deanching of R+M Photo.

It was an informal shoot. No special lighting or set ups were needed. Reggie took the shoot outside and used the best photo filter known, sunlight. We were having a gorgeous day in West Virginia, why not take advantage of it, right?


Photographers are a lot like bloggers at events, we take advantage to meet and do as much as we can in limited time. Think about all the models that he had at his disposal in one place for a weekend? It was like an orgy of photo shoots. Any place, any where. Sounds dirty, but I like it and you will love the end results. We were beyond lucky to catch him as he was about to photograph model Josh McCann.


If you’ve ever been around Josh, then you know he makes it hard for you to keep a straight face. He has such a great natural funny personality, that I am pretty sure the man could be a comedian if he wasn’t so pretty and could pose like no one’s business.


We shared a few things on our SnapChat and my giggling in the background is proof that I couldn’t keep a straight face around both Josh and Reggie.

They worked so easily and seamlessly that it appeared almost effortless. They were going for a James Dean rebel without a cause look and the end results came out pretty on point. What do we think?


Both of these images are up for sale. Anyone interested, please contact Reggie for pricing.

I asked Reggie is he had any advice for new photographers and aspiring cover models and this is what he had to say:

Photographers, learn how to shoot in manual. Understanding your equipment and how to shoot in different lighting conditions, is key.

Models, it’s a matter of practice. I don’t believe that being beautiful or handsome equals to good modeling. It takes practice and confidence in how you present yourself. Regardless of looks or physical attributes, it’s about how confident you are.

And he’s absolutely right! A huge THANK YOU to Reggie and Josh for allowing us to step behind the scenes with them! Looking forward to the next photo shoot we could crash.

For more information on Reggie and R+M Photo visit his website, instagram and facebook. Make sure you follow him on social media. He’s rolling out tons of edits from his work this weekend. You don’t want to miss them! 

For more information on Josh McCann, visit his facebook.

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing our book hauls and talking about a few releases that are going on this week.


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