Book Hauls and New Releases

Hiya Nerds,

Today we are sharing our book hauls and two brand new releases with you. Let’s start with out book hauls.

I felt like I went a little crazy with my book purchases. However, if you were to see some of the hauls that were shared in the Rebels and Readers group, your jaw will hit the floor. Someone had an entire bed packed. Not kidding.

Still I am VERY proud of the books we picked up. I wanted to get more but when I hit the triple digit number I sort of slowed down. Any who, here we go!





If you attended RARAE16 share your book hauls with us!

Ok now on to the two book releases I was SO excited about. These are books hot off the presses and we were able to get our hands on them before their release. Yes be jealous, and yes they are signed. Let’s get started.


By Mikey Lee

  • Series: Sin Book #2
  • Release Date: November 9, 2016
  • Genre: Erotica, Mystery, Romantic Erotica

Seth Lane is back in action…

When Seth is called to investigate a case against a high profile boxing champion he knows that he’s in for a challenge. If the chance of high publicity isn’t enough to keep him on his toes, the road blocks that get put his way certainly will.

As he navigates his way through the case, he’s determined to detect the truth, and his faithful wife, Zee, once again helps him in the only way she knows how—even after she meets his new partner.

Balancing his home and work life has never been harder. Seth is on the hunt for the perpetrator while still trying to make his wife a priority.

And when the DNA comes back, it’s the biggest twist he’s ever seen in his career…

Get your copy on Amazon & iBooks


By Amber Nation

  • Release Date: November 10, 2016 HAPPY RELEASE DAY!
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports, Football

-a wild animal that is large, dangerous, or unusual.
-an unkind or cruel person
-Holden Reed

Football was everything for Holden Reed, through blood, sweat, and tears he lived his life for the game. The spotlight that endlessly followed him due to his fame, was his downfall, especially when he failed to keep his anger in check. Due to his lack of control and explosive bouts of rage, he rightfully earned the nickname, “The Beast.” And with the results of his rogue actions, he heard the one word no professional athlete ever wanted to hear. Suspension.

After what was supposed to be a mandatory time-out to straighten out his ways, he finds himself at the mercy of a beautiful Innkeeper while stuck at a Bed & Breakfast in the backwoods of Colorado.

-conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one’s duty.
-motivated by duty rather than desire or enthusiasm
-Marlee Tate

Once upon a time, Marlee Tate devoted her life to a prestigious PR firm, taking an active role in following her hopes and aspirations. But with one phone call from her family, she was ready to toss her dreams aside without hesitation to be the daughter she felt she needed to be. Now, she’s back at home, forced to work at her family’s livelihood, Tate Manor.

During what was considered to be the worst snowstorm in Colorado history, the treacherous weather sent the abrupt but intriguing stranger crashing into her doorstep.
What will happen when two guarded souls collide together after being hidden away from the outside world? When half-truths come to light and hearts are meaninglessly tossed aside? Will they arise from their stubborn stupor or continue to keep each other at arm’s length?

Get it from Amazon

Don’t you just love the covers? There was a time romance book cover would make me want to run and hide, but these are a work of art!

Tomorrow will be sharing a giveaway we are putting together for y’all! Stay tuned.

What book are you excited to read? Share with us below.


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