Ines Di Santo Goes Blue

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

There’s always that one gown during market that makes me cry. I never expect it, it just happens. This year that honor goes to the incredible Ines Di Santo.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you have probably read me say, that I have always dreamed of a blue wedding gown. It started back when I was a teenager, and that feeling hasn’t change now that I am a grown adult. I don’t know what is it about a blue gown that just makes me happy.

About collection: 


For this collection I imagined a beautiful patisserie- polished wood floors, delicate cups of coffee still served with a saucer and gleaming glass cases. The wonder that comes over each of us when it is our turn to choose…

My glass case is filled with beautiful confections. You’ll find gowns with delicate vines and petite flowers. You’ll find some with just a touch of sweetness in their lace overlay. A sprinkling of gowns that are deceptively simple, much like a madeleine- where the beauty emerges quietly. You’ll find a little pinch of spice. You’ll see the confections that are selected only for the grand celebration- to be savored slowly surrounded by dear friends and family.

Welcome to my patisserie. It is my wish that you will find a favorite!

When this Ines dress floated like air down the runway during October’s Bridal Fashion Week, a few tears rolled down my face. I was so captivated by it I almost forgot to snap pictures of it. 


This gown is a dream. One day I will own it, even if it’s just to look pretty hanging from my closet. And even better, it wasn’t the only blue dress during Ines Bridal Market presentation. They were two other beauties that had me walking around with hearts in my eyes 😍. 

These gowns were so beautiful they belong on top of a cake. And well, that’s exactly where they ended up…

If you dream of a blue gown like myself, then you’re most likely in love with one of these if not all three. But share with us which one’s your favorite? 

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