Gangster Clown

It’s Beauty Tuesday and Halloween week, so that means we will be combining beauty and Halloween today, YAY!

If anyone knows Glory, they know that she LOVES beauty blogger Chrisspy. Like she has the biggest girl crush and fangirls over everything she does. Rightfully so, because she is beyond talented. I’m the first to admit that Glory has been obsessed with Chrisspy’s Gangster Clown since it was released last year.

This year when Chrisspy announced the second part of Gangster Clown, Glory knew she HAD to recreate the picture. She just needed to do it! I mean look at the fierce ladies in the photo. Slaaaay!

Reaching out to some ladies in her family, Glory and I put our brains together and recreated this version of Chrisspy’s Gangster Clown II. Take a look:

We intended to write down the items that we used, but to be honest, there was a point where we were using every black liner we could find, and Glory had tons of those. Needless to say we lost track of what we used, whoops!

Here are some pictures that didn’t make the video but we wanted to share with you.


We hope you enjoyed our version of Gangster Clown II. HUGE thanks to Anna, Mia, Michelle, and Tati for agreeing to be part of this. And also to Mr. De Almeida for lending us his badass car!

If you created your own gangster clown look, tag us! We’d love to see. Share with us below, on InstagramSnapChatTwitterFacebook, and or/ Tumblr.

Glory & Dee

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