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Another week gone party people. Can you believe we are just 10 days away from November?! EEEKKKK, 2016 is flying by!

Do you guys remember back in July, I got this really cool clothing subscription called a PLVSH style box? Well I’ve done as I promised in that post, and requested another box. I think this is going to be a seasonal thing for me. It’s pretty cool having a stylist pick stuff out just for you; you know to freshen up your wardrobe a little each season with a few cute pieces. Yeah, I am loving PLVSH.

So on to what was in my box, and I am so excited to share these with you all:

Nic and Zoe Side Zip Ankle Pant $148


I put these pants on and they felt like butter. As soon as I zipped and buttoned, I turned to the hubby and was like, how perfect are these pants?! Seriously, these pants are ridiculously comfortable. I am one of those people who actually hate getting dressed up for work, but these pants feel so casual yet look so professional, I was sold. And the fit/cut was amazing; it’s only my second box and PLVSH has figured out my sizing, am I dreaming? I don’t even know my size, LOL! I love having these in my wardrobe for fall, I wear them every week!

Kiyonna Essential Wrap Dress in Modern $98




I barely had the wrap tied and I ripped the tag off this dress. It felt like Kiyonna made this dress just for me; PLVSH somehow knew and sent it to me. The fit was perfect for my shape. I always have trouble with wrap tops/dresses because of my bust, but this brand knows what they are doing when designing for us plus size gals. It’s such a versatile dress as it can be worn for work, an event, or an evening out. We had a lot of fun getting some pictures of this dress for you all. You can pair it with your favorite pumps and a bright color bag for a work look, or if you are feeling sassy (for an evening out maybe) wear some booties and a moto jacket. Thanks for introducing this brand to me PLVSH, you hit this selection out the park.


Yona NY Criss Cross Lagoon Top $89

So I am a bit averse to prints, I must admit. Generally, if I wear a print it can only be 2 colors. I know-I know, I sound like a total weirdo. I have always been a plain Jane. That is one of the reasons I subscribed to PLVSH, I wanted a stylist to push me out of my comfort zone…well, a little bit. Truth is I kinda like this print, but I didn’t love the cut of the shirt. I have a defined waist and this shirt kind of hid that, I felt like I looked a bit boxy. I would definitely recommend this top to anyone who considers their tummy to be their problem area, the cut of this shirt would be a great tummy camouflaging, while still looking very professional.

Vince Camuto Plum Flambe Tank $79

When I pulled this tank out the box, I instantly loved the color. The combo of the white and magenta print was lively and fun; this was definitely a piece that could be casual and dressy.  The fit was great, and it looked awesome with a pair of skinny jeans or with black pixie pants and a cardigan. This tank is an extremely versatile piece that you can wear for fall, spring, and summer.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Blue Boxy Blouse $98

This shirt kind of threw me through a loop when I pulled it out of the box, my husband and I looked at it and were like, “Is this an art smock?”. So I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but thank goodness for the fashion cliff notes you get with your style box. The stylist recommended belting the shirt; yep that’s when the light-bulb went off. I totally never would have thought to do that, LOL. So I searched my closet for a belt, and when I put it on the shirt made more sense. I think maybe this top was still a little too big, so I wasn’t in love with how it looked on me. I will say the concept was neat, but maybe this type of top was a little too out of my comfort zone, a little too trendy for me, but I can definitely see other curvy ladies rocking it.

Overall, I am loving this PLVSH experience. I am only on my second box and they pretty much have my sizing down, which is unheard of because I honestly walk in to store and have to take in three sizes of each item I want to try on.

Also, they send the greatest pieces. Every item has been quality clothing, definitely made to last, as well, every item so far has been versatile. I’ve been able to do casual and career looks with everything I have received. Thanks PLVSH, you guys rock!

As I previously mentioned, I will be getting a box seasonally, so make sure you are on the look out when the weather gets a little colder for some winter looks.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yona Shine says:

    I love the way the print on our top picks up the color of your hair. You look lovely

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Thank is so sweet! Thank you so much for the love 😘😘😘

  2. Kelly says:

    You look beautiful in that wrap dress!

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