June 2016 | Empties

Happy Beauty Tuesday party people! Both Glory and I are sick, send us positive vibes pretty please! So today we are doing something simple and sharing my Empties for June.

Let’s get started:

June 2016 Empties - Belief

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb | Probably the best daily moisturizer I’ve used. So needless to say I already repurchased it. It’s light and refreshing and it keeps you looking fresh. In particular it’s amazing after an entire day of being exposed to the sun.

Get it at Sephora.

June 2016 Empties - Anastasia

Anastasia Brow Wiz | If you love this brow pencil as much as I do, when it finishes, it destroys your soul. You feel depressed and nothing makes sense. That’s why I ran out and replaced it right away. I do not need that kind of negativity in my life!

Get it at Sephora and Ulta.

June 2016 Empties - Nip Fab

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel | I love this stuff. I put it on at night, and I wake up looking refreshed and don’t experience any puffyness. Huge fan.

Get it at CVS.

June 2016 Empties - Grande Brow

GrandeLASH GrandeBrow | I was a little apprehensive when I first tried this, but it works. It helped grow my brows in beautifully and I can’t see myself living without it.

Get it at Ricky’s NYC.

June 2016 Empties - Rock Your Hair

Rock Your Hair Moringa Dy Oil Mist | I need to buy like four more of these. When I need to quickly comb my hair, this stuff saves the day. It instantly shines, and de-frizzes my hair.

Get it at Walgreens and/or Walmart.

And that’s it! I am sure I’ll have more for July. What are some of your June empties? Share with us Instagram, SnapChatTwitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.

Also, join me today over on our SnapChat. We’ll be unboxing out Target Beauty Box. And I will also be unbagging Danessa’s June 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag. If you follow our blog, then you know she moved and JUST received her Ipsy bag for June. So join us!



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