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Happy Wedding Wednesday!If you haven’t checked out our SnapChat, you should! For those that have never been to New York City, I have a tour of Grand Central Terminal posted. And as I was walking past Bryant Park, I discovered that the park is full of FREE events. That’s one of the main reasons why I love NYC, there’s always something to do. I also stopped at Sephora and bought a few things. So make sure y’all check out the fun!


Ok, on to today’s Wedding Gown of The Week. It comes to you courtesy of Jasmine Bridal.

Style #F181056

Jamine Style F181056Jamine Style F181056 - 2Jamine Style F181056 - 3

  • Collection: Fall 2016
  • Colors: Available in Rose Quartz (shown), Gold, Ivory, and White
  • Fabric: Embroidery Lace, English Net
  • Details: Great rustic style in English Netting fabric in our lovely new color- Rose Quartz! This airy gown features a romantic color and Embroidery lace in princess A-line shape and skirt with beautiful movement!
  • Skirt: Tiffany train

To find this gown near you, visit Jasmine Bridal’s website, and search with your zip code. I went ahead and did a search, and if you’re in NYC, RK Bridal carries it!

New York, NY 10019

What do you guys think of this Jasmine Bridal gown? Share your thoughts with us below. Also on Instagram, SnapChatTwitter,Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.



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