June 2016 | Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown

Happy Tuesday!We hope you had an incredible 4th of July. I know we did but the rain kind of ruined the fireworks where we were and we couldn’t play with sparklers for too long. Still it was a great time surrounded by family and friends. We hope you were able to experience the same.

Today, we are showing off our June Ipsy Glam Bags themed Rebel Rebel.


Glory's June 2016 Glam Bag


Silvia's June 2016 Glam Bag


Dee's June 2016 Glam Bag

You’ll probably notice that Danessa’s bag is missing from June’s Glam Blag Showdown. And that’s because she recently moved into her gorgeous home and her life is currently in boxes. She’ll be back in July!

Sadly I wasn’t a fan of my bag, great brands but hated half the colors. Which sucks because I was beyond excited for the theme. I consider myself a rebel. I don’t follow trends. I could care less to follow what others are doing. People telling me what to do makes my eye twitch. And I do what I please. I think being a free spirit and a go-getter is what makes me a rebel. What makes you one? 

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