Reading Room @ Bryant Park

Happy Bookie Thursday! Did you guys know that Bryant Park in NYC has a Reading Room? Neither did I! Yesterday, I happened to be walking past and it was such a pleasant surprise to walk into an author panel discussing their books.

So I wanted to share it with you! Yes, it’s outdoors and on a gorgeous day, is a sweet treat to sit there and check out a few books, share one with your kids, even enjoy a news paper. And if you’re lucky, you get to listen to writers and/or poets discuss their work.

The original Reading Room began in August of 1935 as a public response to the Depression Era job losses in New York. It consisted of several benches, a few book and magazine cases, and a table with a beach umbrella for the five librarians who ran it. It operated every day except Sunday from mid-morning until mid-evening. Most of the books were from the New York Public Library’s circulation, but all magazines and trade publications were donated by publishers or individuals. When it rained the books and periodicals were quickly put in a large water-proof chest and readers and librarians took cover. No cards were required – patrons were simply asked to sign in and out. The Reading Room was closed in 1944 due to an increase in jobs and World War II.

The Bryant Park Corporation has repeated history by recreating the Bryant Park’s Reading Room.

Reading Room 1Reading Room 2

While I was there authors Cara Black, Lisa Brackmann, and Ed Lin were holding an open panel discussing their books and celebrating 25-years of murder and intrigue with Soho Crime Press. Hosted by Mystery Writers of America NY, Patricia King.

Reading Room 3

Since 2003 HSBC has been an exclusive sponsor. And is also in partnership with Oxford University Press, Classics and Reference Library. Scholastic, Gift of Children’s Library. Random House Library Marketing, Gift of Children’s Library. Mitchell’s NY, Newspaper Delivery since 2003.

If you’re ever in NYC, and book nerds, make sure you check out the Bryant Park’s Reading Room schedule of events. You never know wht event you may catch. It’s open daily from 11am to 7pm. On rainy days, they take it inside the New York Public Library.

Have you ever visited Bryant Park’s Reading Room? Share with us below on below or on InstagramSnapChatTwitterFacebook , an/or Tumblr.

Happy reading!

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