Wedding Gown of the Week | Berta

Happy Wedding Wednesday, and Fleet Week y’all!

We haven’t done a Gown of the Week in a long while, so today we’ll do just that!

The BERTA Fall/Winter 2016 Bridal Collection was a work of true art. This was a new sophisticated collection that pushes the boundaries of bridal fashion eve more than before.

The Inspiration for this collection came from the materials themselves. Instead of searching for inspirations on the outside, this time Berta decided to look inside. So I will allow the gowns speak for themselves.

BERTA Fall Winter 2016

Out of all these beauties, one stood out from the rest and that’ is today’s Wedding Gown of the Week.

Style 16-124
Handcrafted payette dress, hairy shoulders, waist-line and bottom, illusion see-through bodice and skirt in geometric pattern.

Berta - Grace 3Berta - Grace 1Berta - Grace 2

Isn’t it stunning? I want to live in that gown!

For more information on this, or any gown in this collection, visit BERTA’s wesbite.

Did you wear BERTA for you wedding? First of and foremost, I’m dead jealous. Secondly, please share with us below, on Instagram,Twitter, and/or Facebook. We’ll love to see!


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