Let’s get nailed with Nailhur!

Happy Beauty Tuesday!

Today I am reviewing NAILHUR, “like makeup for nails”. When I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I always come across all these beautiful girls, models, and makeup artist with beautiful diva looking nails. I started to wonder, where do they get their nails done? Bet they spend a fortune. Well the answer is, they do them at home using NAILHUR.

NAILHUR was designed with the modern day busy diva in mind. The busy girl who works as hard as she plays, and has better things to do than to spend a lot of her precious time at the nail salon.

The NAILHUR girl is a boss during the day and a glammed out diva at night. She knows just when to switch it up because NAILHUR nails are removable, reusable, and customizable for endless glam options! With NAILHUR you can have the best of both worlds because these reusable nails come off easily after being soaked in warm water for up to 15 seconds.. read on


I first learned about NAILHUR from Nikki French’s instagram. Sure they were press on nails, but they were beautiful and I was tempted to try them. I did end up ordering the Flawless from the Nicole Guerriero Collection, and yes I am in love! Did I mention that they delivered super fast, and that they come in tons of styles, colors, and shapes? Yes they do!

MY OPINION | I love them! They are durable, and strong (they passed the put on my skinny jeans test). They lasted for about 2 weeks, and even then only 2 came off; the rest were still holding on strong. They were very easy and fast to apply. They come with glue, a nail file, and instructions. Do I recommend them? Definitely!


You know how some times, press on nails, when you go to grab something or even scratch yourself, they feel weak as if they were about to fall off? These don’t. They feel solid and I can scratch away without a worry. As a matter of fact, I mopped and clean my entire house, and not once was I afraid they were going to fall off. A divas cleaning? Who’s ever heard of such horrors?

You can wear them multiple times depending on your mood, event, or outfit! Just remove, reapply, and you are ready to go!

THE PRICE | Each set is $13.99 USD. But  they also have 3 0r 5 pack bundles available: 3 for $30 or 5 for $50. They also offer monthly subscription for $9.93 a month plus shipping and you’ll get a new set every month. Not bad!


Have you tired NAILHUR? Show them off below, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. We’ll love to see!

To buy check out NAILHUR’s website or in store at Ricky’s NYC. They do ship internationally.

Keep calm and get nailed!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lexilife says:

    Haha I love the name of this series – so clever! And I also love the style of these nails! I’ve never tried NAILHUR before. I doubt they’re in the UK though – all good things beauty wise comes from the US!! xx


    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Oh that’s not true. British men are so much better 😂. They do ship internationally. Thank you so much for stopping by 😘

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