Let’s get nailed with Nailhur!

Happy Beauty Tuesday! Today I am reviewing NAILHUR, “like makeup for nails”. When I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I always come across all these beautiful girls, models, and makeup artist with beautiful diva looking nails. I started to wonder,¬†where do they get their nails done? Bet they spend a fortune. Well the answer is,…

Favorite Fall Nail Color

I love light and bright nail colors. But how ridiculous does aquamarine nails look in the middle of autumn? Very! I learned that the hard way. So I’ve been on the hunt for a different darker shade for my nails. And I think I found it in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Grease Lightning. Take a…

Halloween Nails

Got my nails ready for Halloween. I didn’t want something too light or too dark. When I saw this purple/grey, I instantly fell in love. Some times is not about the nail art but about the color and in this case, the color says it all. Buy it off the QRS website

Nails Inspired by Pinterest

TA-DA! I finally got my nails done. It was so crowded yesterday when I attempted to get my filling. And today was no different but I walked in at the right time, whew! If you’re wondering the color is Sunshine Energy by QRS. What do we think? XOXOXO Dee

Nails Inspired by Pinterest

I broke a nail {tears}, and so I had to get it fix. When I went to get the same color as before, I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to chage my color all together. Something I didn’t want to do since I love my nails. Any who, I loved this neon on…

Nails Inspired by Pinterest

You know you’re at a great nail place when you walk in and they ask you what design we are doing this week lol. I was going to do Aquamarine but I saw the orange and fell in love so here is the result. What do we think? XOXOXO Dee