Beauty Tuesday: What’s My Undertone?

Happy Beauty Tuesday!

Today we’re discussing undertones. “What’s my undertone?” I get asked this question all the time. Because the makeup world is not complicated enough, we have to toss undertone in as well, right?

So what is undertone? It’s that one thing can make our make up go, ohh so wrong! Wrong shade foundation, wrong color lipstick…wrong everything! But the actual definition is: Skin undertone is your skin’s color “beneath” your outer skin (or epidermis). So we are going deep here.

Finding your undertone its so important because it will make a huge impact in your foundation, and also makes it much easier to find the perfect shades of lipstick to compliment your skin. But more importantly, it makes your life easier when it comes to color correcting.

So how do I determine my undertone? Don’t panic, because finding out your undertone is ridiculously easy. Yes it is, I promise.

Here are some tips to find out your undertone:

  • SUN TEST: Do you tend to burn or tan ? If you look like a lobster after sun exposure, you have a cool undertone. If you can walk away with a nice bronze after sun exposure, you have warm undertone. Neutral undertone usually burns very minimal and tans right after.
  • VEIN TEST: Look at your inner wrist, do you see mostly green veins? If you do, you have Warm undertone (yellow). Why because the yellow in your skin mixed with the blue of your veins makes green.  If you see mostly purple veins you have a cool undertone (pink). The red/pink of your skin mixed with the blue in your veins make purple. If you see mostly a teal kind of color veins,  you have a neutral undertone. In this case you are safe to run with basically any shade.
  •  JEWELRY TEST: Warm undertone look best in gold. Cool undertone to look best in silver.

Here are some tips on finding your perfect shades:

  • FOUNDATIONS: When shopping for foundation you can get hints from reading the “color name key words” of the foundation, for example; beige, golden, tan, caramel are usually for warm undertone. As for ivory, porcelain, rose, sable are usually for cool tones .
  • CORRECTOR CONCEALERS: To correct problem areas like dark circles and redness, keep the color wheel in mind. This will make your life easier!
    • To correct dark purplish circles you will use the opposite color of purple which is yellow.
    • To correct redness you will use the opposite of red which is green.
      Color Wheel
  • FINDING THE PERFECT RED: Ok so not everybody looks good in the same red. Why? Again because of our undertone. Cool tones look best in cherry, pinkish based reds. While warm tons look better in wine, orangey based reds.

So now that you know your undertone let’s go make up shopping!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or want to share with us how helpful this article was for you, please feel free to comment? I would love to hear from you!

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Keep calm and know your undertone!

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