Brides + Baublebar Wedding Jewelry Collection

You’re not ready for this jelly! Imagine you’re having a HORRIBLE day, and when you get home there’s a mysterious package from BRIDES waiting for you. But what could it be? Did I order something in the middle of the night when I was dead to the world? (It’s been known to happen.)

What I found inside made me gasp and even shed a tear. It’s amazing you guys!

Thank you BRIDES + Baublebar for sending me this incredible and versatile piece of jewelry. As I am typing this I have it wrapped around my forehead because I’m the empress of my bedroom.

I was playing around with this piece, and you could wear it just about any which way; head band, necklace, around the waist, the ideas are limit less. It’s honestly the perfect jewelry for any bride. I could just see it now, wear it on your head for the ceremony, then switch as your necklace for the reception, and TA-DA a brand new look.

I tried to reach out for more information on this collection, and unfortunately no one ever got back to me. But if I do get more information, I’ll let y’all know ASAP.

What do you guys think of this piece? Have ideas on how to wear it? Sound off below.

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