Book Review: Now & Then by Mira Lyn Kelly


By Mira Lyn Kelly

  • Series: Dare to Love #3: Ford and Brynn
  • Release Date: Coming soon – January 19, 2016
  • Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept
  • Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

Brynn Ahearn is gorgeous, fun, and not just a sports nut but an NBA camera woman whose work takes her all over the country. In other words, she’s a walking male fantasy—or at least, she would be if she weren’t so busy keeping the guys at bay. The fact is, with Brynn’s con-man father fresh out of jail and back in her life, dating is just too risky. Haunted by memories of her past, she couldn’t ask any man to gamble with his life for love—even one as addictive as Ford Meyers.

Ford can’t believe his luck when he walks into a bar in Chicago’s Wicker Park and gets an eyeful of Brynn, the one that got away. After the gorgeous redhead blew him off in college, Ford got on with his life and made his fortune as a bestselling game designer, but he’s never found a woman who compared to Brynn. No stranger to success, Ford is used to getting what he wants—and after a scorching stolen kiss, what he wants is a second shot with his first love. To get it, he just has to convince her that he’s man enough to take on the past she can’t leave behind.



FINALLY, it’s Ford’s turn. During the first two Dare to Love novels, Truth or Dare and Touch & Go, you get to sort of meet Ford. You know he’s beyond successful, a work-a-holic, great brother, and friend. But other than that he’s this big mystery. I compare Ford, to this guy I have a massive crush on at the gym, that I’ve never talked to. Yet I have 7,000 fantasies where he is my leading man. You know who he is, but you don’t really know him. What makes him tick? And for crying out loud, what kind of women gets under his skin?

That’s when Brynn walks in and answers all your questions, and gives you that side of Ford you’ve been craving. In a word, she’s a nerd. A red headed hot nerd, but a nerd never the less with a super cool job. The last person she expected to see ever again, was the one guy that she had to let go to protect him. She did it for his own good, or at least that was her reasoning.

For Ford, Brynn would have been his one and only. It’s hard to find that real instant connection with someone. So when he sees her after all those years, he doesn’t want to let her go and he goes out of his way to make sure she has no say in the matter. Yeah, ok, I too want a hot rich guy to zero in on me.

Brynn wants to give herself wholeheartedly to Ford. Although, she’s dated other men, he’s been the one man that she’s always carried around in her heart. And she wants to be with him, but there are things about her and her family she’s never told him. Things she’s not proud of, and things she couldn’t bring herself to say.

I really loved this story, and I give it five Nerd Glasses out of five. It has a little bit of everything and everyone. Romance, action, mystery, sports, nerdy things, and a sexy leading man. Don’t you just love it when a nerdy man goes all hot alpha male?

Mira Lyn has a talent of keeping me engaged. It’s like she projects what’s in my brain and gives it to me in writing. Yes, I’m a huge fan and I will fangirl all I want.

Now the question is, will she ever give Tony and Mitch their own stories? I HOPE SO! I want to see what kind of woman Tony tricks into ending up with him, and yes I am dying laughing typing that. But then Mitch is a major hottie and another man filled with mystery. GIVE ME! GIVE ME! GIVE ME! 

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