December 2015 LootCrate: Galaxy

Happy Fri-YAY! One thing we never got around to last month was our unboxing of the December 2015 Lootcrate. So here’s Taco’s (Monica) box.

Our box was actually lost so we are waiting for the replacement. Can’t wait to get it!

December’s Lootcrate theme was GALAXY. Speaking of Galaxy, did you guys go watch Star Wars on opening weekend like I did? OhmysweetbabyBB-8! IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!

On to the December Lootcrate. I couldn’t take pictures of the box for you because it came damage, but here are the contents.


  • The exclusive HALO 5 Ammo tin box: Pretty cool, the spawn claimed it. Pretty sure it’s going to hold Pokémon cards.
  • HALO 5:GUARDIANS REQ PACK: I don’t know what this is. I’ve never played HALO but the spawn says he’s willing to play because it looks fun.
  • STAR WARS BB-8 CREW SOCKS: I will never take these off. Ever!
  • GALAXY QUEST AUTHENTIC POP REPLICA PATCH: I’ve never watched this movie but I’m going to sew this to the spawn’s backpack. Probably. If I remember how to sew.
  • UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATER T-SHIRT: I love this t-shirt. I wore it to Christmas mass. I have no regrets. (not pictured)
  • HAN SOLO VINUL BOBBLE-HEAD: *excited Chewbacca noises* His. Head. Bobbles. I don’t have enough words to explain how amazing this loot is.


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