Shopping Guide: Gift For Beauty Nerds

Let’s face it, the key to a beauty nerd’s heart are gift cards. As a matter of fact, we welcome and encourage you to get them for us. I can’t tell you how my life gets all tingly when I see a Ricky’s NYC gift card. We get to buy whatever we want. And if your beauty maven is anything like me, I have a list a mile long of products I need to buy. So gift cards are ALWAYS welcomed.

However, I was able to put a list together of items that will make your beauty nerd freak out and gasp with joy. Maybe even, shed a tear. Here we go!

A monthly subscription where they send beauty products to you? Ok yes, I want. Take a look at our Ipsy Glam Bag Showdowns to see the kind of items your beauty babe will receive.

One of a beauty nerds biggest issue is where to put all of our pretty makeup and jewelry. No fear, Glamboxes to the rescue! From ring, to purse, and makeup acrylic boxes, they have it all!

Royal MODA Kit.jpg
In my opinion, Royal Brushes are some of the best in the industry. And their new MODA line is beyond cute! They come in different colors, and they have sets for total face, perfect mineral, complexion, and eyes. Best thing is the price, each set runs about $19.99 USD. Can’t beat that!

Crazy Haute
What are we supposed to carry all our pretty makeup in? Well a Crazy Haute makeup bag, duh! They have the coolest and cutest makeup bag quotes I’ve seen. Best of all, you could custom order them to say absolutely anything you want. I want one that says Nerd & Lacer lol!

Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device
Guys, it takes me an hour to deep clean all my brushes. This Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device is my dream come true. We all need it. I need to have it! Hearts in my eyes!

Curling wands are the rave and everyone with hair needs one. Yes, you have hair, you need it. What’s the difference between Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa curling wand than the others? This one rotates on its own! I NEED IT!

I can’t with this. I just can’t… I can’t NYX. I have no words. Just get it, and make it mine.


Well ok, I admit it. This was more of a Dee wishlist than anything else. But I do hope that this helps you figure out some gifts for the beauty nerd in your life.
Did you know we are hosting a charity raffle? A $5 donation to Dee’s Birthday Wish benefiting Charity: Water, could enter you for a chance to win an amazing prize pack worth over $340!!! Take a look at some of what you could win:


See HERE for full description and entry rules.

THANK YOU and good luck! 

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