Beauty Review: Vera Mona Color Switch

I’ve been seeing and hearing about Vera Mona’s Color Switch for a while now. So when I saw Ricky’s NYC new #InstaGlam store carried it, I made a point to snatch one up.

They have several different products, but the most popular ones are the Solo and Duo Color Switch. The difference is, the the center of the Duo is for wet brushes. Like for example when you’re using cream based shadows. I purchased Solo because I don’t really use cream based shadows.

This is what the website says:

Color Switch Solo by Vera Mona allows the makeup artist to quickly and efficiently switch between colors on your eyeshadow brushes. It is an essential tool that is extremely helpful while doing makeup on  multiple. Simply glide the eye shadow brush against the unique Color Switch sponge to completely remove eye shadow color. The Solo sponge can be used on either side and can be washed or replaced with a refill pack. Discontinue use of the product if irritation occurs on eyes or skin.

The directions are very simple:

Stroke your brush against the Solo sponge to completely remove eye shadow color and then switch to the next color without any product transfer. The Color Switch sponge can be used on either side and can be washed for reuse or replaced with a refill pack.

Here’s my review in a nutshell, it works! If I was going to test this, I was going to go big or go home. So I chose the black shadow in my Morphe PRO Palette 35B. It’s a highly pigmented, and y’all it cleaned it right up! Let me show you.

This is my clean brush ready for the black:


Dirty brush:


Circle it around the Color Switch a few times:


And I was able to reuse the same brush!


I brushed it over my hand, and look, nothing came off:


If you’re a professional, or even a makeup nerd like myself, YOU NEED THIS! I don’t know how I went through my whole life without it.

I paid $16.99 USD at Ricky’s NYC for the Solo. The Vera Mona is currently having a $12.00 USD sale over at her website.

Have you used the Vera Mona Color Switch? What do you think? Share below or on social media by using hashtag #nerdandlace. Also, follow us on InstagramFacebook,Twitter, and Pinterest.

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