Meal Prepping

Happy Monday all! Let’s start off the week right, and let’s feed ourselves the right way. Meal Prep, I’m sure you’ve heard this term being tossed around. But what is it? Why should I do it? How do I do it? What should I eat? Not to worry, we’re here to hopefully answer your questions.

People ask me all the time, what is my trick to loosing over 100 pounds. I don’t have a trick, I just plan ahead. It keeps me from eating the wrong thing. And meal prepping has certainly kept me in check.

What is Meal Prep? It’s the day of the week where you plan, and cook, what you’re going to eat through out the week. The majority of people choose Sundays since it’s the day before the start of the week.

Why should you Meal Prep? Not only does it save you time and money, it keeps your waist line in check with clean eating and a balanced meal. This is why a lot of fitness people Meal Prep. Working out alone, doesn’t cut it. You can’t spend 2 hours at the gym and go home to eat a plate of white rice and fried chicken and expect to loose weigh and be lean. It doesn’t work that way. You need a combination of gym and clean eating for it to work the right way. No juices, shakes, pills, or starving yourself necessary.

How to Meal Prep? I food shop and cook on Sundays. I cook everything on Sundays, and then I divided it into containers for the week. Besides food, you’ll need tons and tons of containers.

What should you eat? You need three things for a balanced meal prep. I’m listing my favorites as a sample.

  • Protein: Chicken, Fish, and Ground Turkey
  • Starch: Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, and Quinoa
  • Vegetable: Spinach, Green Beans, and Carrots

Here’s a sample one of Ange’s Meal Prep.

Ange's Meal Prep

As you can see, she meal preps for her entire day, including her snacks. I do the same thing. The night before, I set it all up in my lunch bag and leave it ready for me to grab and walk out the door.


Because I leave my house by 6:20am daily, I include breakfast, lunch, and snacks in my Meal Prep. I have to have breakfast and coffee in the morning, or I’ll be the crankiest person you’ll ever meet. For breakfast I stick to eggs and oatmeal. For my snacks, I stick to good fat; avocados, and peanut butter for example. They keep me full and craving free.

Keep in mind, meal prepping helps those that suffer from conditions such as diabetes and food allergies. Personally I can not eat red meat or pork because my stomach can not break down the fat and digest it. If I do eat it, I get violently ill, and I have been rushed to the hospital because of it. Yeah, not fun. So meal prepping for me serves two purposes.

Pinterest is filled with meal prepping ideas. But all you need is a list of all your favorite foods, and then make any combination you want. It doesn’t need to be boring, have fun with changing flavors and cooking styles.

Hope this information was helpful to you in any way.

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