Tutorial: Beachwave Hair

Do you ever find yourself admiring sexy beach waves, and wishing you knew how to curl your hair? Not to worry. With a little practice, and a curling wand, we got this!

Some people tend to find curling wands, somewhat difficult to figure out. I’ve been there, and have the burned marks to prove it. But once you figure it out, you’ll wonder how did you ever live without it.

My hair is naturally somewhat wavy, thin, and has barely any volume. Not fun! But it’s OK. After researching, and practicing (a lot of practice), I now could give myself soft curls I love. Let me show you:

First step is choosing your wand:

  • For smaller curls, choose a curling wand that is 1” wide or smaller
  • Big, bouncy curls can be made using a curling wand wider than 1”

The beauty of this beauty tool, is that you could find it in any price range. I’ve seen them go for as low as $19.99 USD. I use a Tyche Rod Wand.


Assuming that you’ve now chosen your wand, let’s get started.

Step One. Before you bust out the curling wand, make sure to apply a heat protector to your hair, to prevent as much damage as possible. I use Argania Protective Shine Spray.


Step Two. Preheat and put on your gloves. Most curling wands come with a silly looking heat-resistant glove. Because there is no clamp on a curling wand, you have to use your fingers to hold the hair in place. Put the glove on the hand you plan to use to wrap your hair around the wand. Unless you become a pro, like me, and learn how to use it without gloves. Again, I have plenty of burned marks to earn the “pro” status lol.

Step Three. Create your beach curls. Pick up a small section of hair and wrap around the barrel facing away from the face, hold from 4 to 6 seconds, and let curl lose. For tight curls, keep them up in a spiral shape, and use a bobby pin to hold them up. For more casual curls, don’t worry about holding them up, just drop them like is hot.



Repeat until you have your whole head done and finish with your favorite hair spray.


Don’t have time to work on your entire head? Toss your hair in a ponytail and rock a beachwave pony. Super cute, easy, and fast.

Hope you like my beach curls. If you recreate this look, make sure you share with us on social media by using the hashtags #nerdandlace and #NLbeauty. Also, follow us on Instagram,Facebook, and Twitter.

Keep calm and curl it up!

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