Nerd & Lace at #TheBookCon


Wow… I’m exhausted. BookCon was massive and very overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do, you have no idea where to start.

As a novice, I had no idea what was going on. So I walked around the floor getting my feel of things until I figured it all out. Walking the show floor helped because I did get to see everything the had to offer.

To save you all you the trouble for next years BookCon, I have a few tips.

Bring a rolling luggae or duffle. You will get tons of swag. Carrying it all around is painful to your arms. Javits Center has a luggage parking. That way you could take advantage of the swag and not kill your arms. Grab a few things, go drop it off at your luggage. Huge plus!

Not everything is free. Yes, they do have a lot of things they give out, but make sure you ask if its free before taking it. I saw plenty of people getting chased because they walked away with books without paying.

There is an authograph floor. The majority of the Autograph sessions, unless is at a booth, will take place in the Autograph floor. Its a complete different area from the show floor. This is the same area where you line up for the Special Events Hall.

Not all authograph sessions are free. Although the majority don’t cost anything, there’s a few that you will need a book with purchase. The books to purchase are available in the autograph floor.

Autograph lines do fill to capacity. If you want to get autographs, make sure you get in line early. They close them after a certain amount and then you’re left sad and lonely.

Special Events Hall Panels. You require a wrist band for all events at the Special Events Hall. They hand these out early. So if you want to view any of these panels get there early to receive your wrist band. I was told, people were lining up since before the front doors opened. You line up and enter in through the autograph floor.





Random House Booth. Do yourself a favor and visit this booth. You’ll thank me later.

The are book signings at show room floor booths. Check booth autograph schedule.

Tomorrow is BookCon Day 2. Now that I know what’s going on, hopefully I’d be able to actually see a panel in the Special Events Hall.

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