Shopping Guide: Gifts For Bookies

Ok, let’s get real. What a book lover wants more than anything is the gift of time. We want you to leave us alone for a few hours so we could do what? Read of course! But since it’s the Holidays, and everyone’s schedule is hyped up on sugar, let us give you a few Holiday Gift ideas for the readers in your life.

You could never go wrong with a gift card from whatever store we buy our books (Amazon Kindle for me, thanks!). But gift cards are so impersonal, and are more of a stocking stuffer.

So here we go:



GASP! How dare I be consider a book lover and suggest an eReader. Simple, I am also a commuter. And nothing, and I repeat nothing, was more horrifying than the daily struggle of having to carry Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows on the Subway. The thing is 784 pounds and weighs a million pounds. How I would have loved an eReader at the time. So yes, take my word for it, the convenience is everything to me. And right now, there’s some good deals going around:




Out Of Print Clothing.jpg

Out of Print is a company that sells everything for Bookies. OMG YAS! From shirts, to totes, to socks, anything and everything you could think of for the book lover in your life. You just can’t go wrong with anything from this company. Side note: I want it all #justsaying.



Want to see a bookie loose their mind? Take them on a trip to BookCon. Just a warning, bring extra luggage. ALL THE BOOKS! In 2016 BookCon will be in Chicago. Get your wallets ready!

See our BookCon 2015 coverage HERE and HERE

Etsy Store Feature: Rich Neeley Designs

Rich Neeley Designs

I fell in love with Rich Neeley Designs on Etsy. The have amazing book phone dock/chargers. The downside of this, is that it’s only for iPhone or iPod. What about us on Android? I demand it! In a sweet and loving way of course #notreallybutillpretend. 

Unless you’re willing to spend an obscene amount of money on a first edition of our favorite book, I think this small list covers about everything.

Hope it helps in any way!

Before we go, did you know we are hosting a charity raffle? A $5 donation to Dee’s Birthday Wish benefiting Charity: Water, could enter you for a chance to win an amazing prize pack worth over $340!!! Take a look at some of what you could win:



See HERE for full description and entry rules.

THANK YOU and good luck!

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