Color Correcting Concealers

Color correcting concealer palettes are everywhere. Not to mention all the CC creams and sticks.

You’ve seen them. They come I’m purple, yellow, green, and on and on. But what do the colors mean? What do we use them for and how do we use them? I’ll use my NYX Color Correcting Palette as an example. Here’s the break down:

NYX CC Palette

  • Yellow: Conceals purple, and deep red color. Use this to conceal dark spots.
  • Green: Conceals redness, such as rosecea.
  • Purple: Brightens and corrects yellow tones.
  • Pink: Brightness dull complexions.
  • Light and Deep Shades: Camouflages imperfections.

Ok now that you have a better understanding, I’ll give you an example on how I use color correction in my daily routine. Its quick and simple. Full makeup takes me 10-15 tops in the morning.

Before I do anything, I moisturize. Its first thing I do once I leave the shower. Then I move on.

Dee Daily Routine

I’ll like to point out, that all the products listed above are in fact cruelty-free.

I apply each layer with my finger tips. Allowing a minute in between for drying. I also use a small desk fan to help the drying process. It helps tons!

A lot of people would contour rather than conceal. Which is fine, that’s your thing. However, I only contour for when I’m going out or a special occasion. I don’t want to look the same all the time. And I keep my every day makeup neutral, simple, and fresh. Besides, I sweat my face off at the gym. That’d be disgusting having all that contouring rolling down my face. Ew!


And viola! Every day makeup. It looks fresh and cleaned. And mainly I don’t look like a Walking Dead Zombie. Praise makeup for that!

If you want to know about any of the products I’m wearing, sound off below. I’m happy to answer. Sharing is caring.

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