Introducing Tat’z Nail’z

I am going to start by saying, I should have been paying more attention. Because this is a really awesome machine. You are getting a permanent tattoo after all! However, I was very distracted by everything at Ricky’s NYC. It’s like I become a gold fish; every time I turned around, I forgot what I was doing. I promise next time, I’ll forget the NYX display, and we’ll have some fun.

Let us take a moment to thank Rose from doorBella, Zach, and Ricky’s NYC for having us. You guys are fantastic. And we also want to thank Mia for allowing us to capture her experience.

Get to know Tat’z Nail’z:

Tat’z Nail’z is the newest trend and technology for nail design and nail art. Not only can you put any digital image on your nail at photo quality, but you can do it in less than 10 seconds! Never before offered, our system of nail imaging is THE cutting-edge way to place art on nails. Under the brand name tat’z nail’z™, our state-of-the-art nail system allows everyone to create their own fashion images and accessorize with custom nails

Our system can print photo-quality digital imagery on any fingernail surface in seconds. Additionally, the tat’z nail imager comes standard with artificial nail printing capability and is able to print on a tippet of 10 or 20 tips at one time with one click – and in seconds.

This machine comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 images, and with endless color choices. If you don’t like any of those images, using the camera on the machine, you could take a selfie. Or capture a picture of a picture to create whatever image you want. Then you also could add glitter, beads, and on and on; the choices are endless.

Our model, Mia, opted for getting a selfie painted on her nail.

The process was simple, and painless. It took seconds for the machine to print the image. But even on Mia’s small nails, the machine did a pretty fantastic job of printing her selfie.

To help you understand the machine better, we found this video sample:

The only difference on this video and what the in-store demo is that Rose, used white polish rather than silver.

If you’re in the New York City are, stop by Ricky’s NYC at 39th and 6th to try this machine. It’s $5.00usd for a unique and one of a kind design.

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