Introducing Tat’z Nail’z

I am going to start by saying, I should have been paying more attention. Because this is a really awesome machine. You are getting a permanent tattoo after all! However, I was very distracted by everything at Ricky’s NYC. It’s like I become a gold fish; every time I turned around, I forgot what I…

I love with my nails!

Today I went to get my nails done at my favorite place, Susan’s Nails in Jersey City Heights, NJ. After not having a clue as to what I wanted, I ran into something on Pinterest for inspiration and this is the end results. I looove it!!! Mary’s the best!!! What do you think? XOXOXO Dee

Nails Inspired by Pinterest

You know you’re at a great nail place when you walk in and they ask you what design we are doing this week lol. I was going to do Aquamarine but I saw the orange and fell in love so here is the result. What do we think? XOXOXO Dee

Beauty & Girly Things: Melon & Gold Manicure

I’m a bit obsessed with the latest manicure I gave myself. The colors are fun, and very spring. From the picture above you can’t really tell but the base color it looks a bit like a watermelon pink. Really pretty. It stood out to me, so even though it’s not a color I typically go for, I…

Ten Must Try Manicures

There is nothing better than getting a mani-pedi. My favorite part? The massages of course. Specially as a city gal, I walk everywhere so giving my hands and feet some TLC every few weeks is a almost a necessity. If you’ve been following my insanity on this blog for a while, then you’ve probably seen me mention how…