Introducing Tattoo Bella

Metallic tattoos are the rave! They are different and you could wear them any which way.

While at IBSNY we ran into Tattoo Bella. Their metallic tattoos were so striking, we stopped in our tracks to check them out.

Let’s get to know the company:

Tattoo Bella – contemporary jewelry inspired metallic tattoos you can wear anywhere & everywhere. Tattoo Bella’s collections are inspired by wanderlust, adventure, and the free spirited women of our world. Reflecting Israeli, Moroccan, and Native American heritage, Tattoo Bella strives to embody a cultural and creative accessory for all trendsetters and stylista who wants to try something new. From the beach to the city streets, Tattoo Bella is your go-to commitment free accessory.

First temporary metallic tattoo company to introduce glow-in-the-dark collections Isabelle and Electra. Our designs appear metallic during day and negative glows at night. Our classic collections Arielle and Lian are also available Spring 2015.

Their design packs range from $27-$35.00USD, and contain 30-40 designs in each. Depending on your lifestyle, the tattoos should last anywhere between 3-6 days.

It’s pretty simple to apply, it’s the same process of a regular temporary tattoo. But here’s a step by step guide:

  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
  • Cut out your chosen design as close to the edge as possible and remove the clear sheet.
  • Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for 30 seconds.
  • Peel the paper aside and voila!

They suggest you avoid soap & lotions, as oil based substances might degrade the adhesive.

The ladies of Tattoo Bella were kind enough to give us a demo and we’re sharing with you so you could see how simple it really is.

Tattoo Bella 4

To remove, simply cover your design with a piece of tape and gently peel off. Use oil to remove any tattoo remanence. Also, do not use if you’re allergic to adhesive.

The best this is that you can place them anywhere. Take a look at how they used it to decorate their water bottle and stapler.

Tattoo Bella 3

To purchase your own, visit their website.

Have you ever tried Tattoo Bella? Share your pictures on social media using the #NLbeauty.


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