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Ever since I bought my Eye Kandy Cosmetics starter kit at IBSNY, I COULD NOT wait to write this review. My My Kandy Bag included: 3 shades of my choice (I picked gold, silver, and purple), an application brush, and a bottle of Liquid Sugar. Liquid Sugar is the adhesive that bonds the glitter to the eye lid, and/or skin. It prevents the glitter from flaking, smudging, or creasing.

A little about the Eye Kandy company:

Eye Kandy offers the latest breakthrough in glitter cosmetics. Our revolutionary liquid adhesive base, Liquid Sugar, sets us apart from all other glitter cosmetics.

Our Liquid Sugar base offers incredible endurance that will hold your glitter on all day without flaking off into your eyes and onto your face. Our Eye Kandy Sprinkles are a high-end, pure cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for the eyes and is available in sixty brilliant colors. Because you apply the glitter and the base together, you can manipulate your application to a fine line for a more subtle look or a thicker, bolder line for a more dramatic or “night” look. Finally, a product that does exactly what it says it will! Say good-bye forever to pat-on, gels, flaky and messy eye glitters! Eye Kandy is the perfect no flaking, no mess, everyday cosmetic that you’ve been searching for. Eye Kandy is here to meet all of your cosmetic glitter needs, so have fun with the product and don’t be afraid to experiment and play with the colors.

We guarantee you will love your look. Eye Kandy is also for dancers, cheerleaders and any other stage performers! Girls from three to eighty-three love Eye Kandy! You are never too young or too old to be-dazzled with Eye Kandy Cosmetics!

They are available in about 60 shades and in 3 different cuts (fine, super fine, and sugar).

Everything comes to be roughly $35.00USD. They also have a Kandy Bag available that contains: 2 Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles, 1 bottle of Liquid Sugar, and 1 Applicationn Brush for $30.95 USD.

This past weekend I had a birthday party and a show (I’m a dancer). I was very exited to wear 2 out of my 3 shades: gold for the birthday party and silver for my performance.

The application was very easy, it dries quickly, and most importantly, you could dance all night and it’s stays in place. Plus, unlike other glitter shadows, it doesn’t not weigh your lid down. I used the glitter as my base shadow. However, you can manipulate your application to a fine line, and use it as eyeliner.

To apply: Using the glitter cap, I sprinkled in a tiny amount of the glitter, along with 2 drops of the Liquid Sugar, mixed it up, and applied over my lid. Yes it’s really that simple. And no, it’s not messy at all. With the small amount you need to use, these products will go a long way, and is going to last you FOREVER!

Does it come off easily? Yes, it comes off easily with water. But if you own a Makeup Eraser, you have nothing to worry about. It comes off in a blink. Don’t have a Makeup Eraser? Click here to get your own.

If you previously didn’t see it, check out the video demo from IBSNY:

I love Eye Kandy and will definitely be getting more shades! If you are a dancer, cheerleader, or a stage performer; you need to add this in your makeup collection. Or if you simply want to dazzle during a night out in the town, get it!

Want to try it? You could order online, or check for a retailer near you.

Have you tried Eye Kandy? Share your pictures on social media using the hashtag #NLbeauty.

Keep calm and wear make up!

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