Releasing Tomorrow from Jessie Evans: Chaps & Chance

The wait is almost over bookies, Chaps and Chance from Jessie Evans is releasing tomorrow!

Did you pre-order? Is not too late. Follow the links below to pre-order:

I’ve been waiting for Cole for a while, and I reserve the right to obnoxiously fangirl all I want. My body is so ready! Let me introduce you to who I can guarantee will be added to my fictional character boyfriend list.


Lonesome Creek Book Five

How far will they go for a second chance…

Years ago, Layla Parker’s romantic dreams came true. She married her high school sweetheart and settled into a house on his family’s ranch to live happily ever after. But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares and when Layla’s husband became abusive, she felt there was no way out. Her big brother was serving overseas, her friends were away at college, and her single father insisted she’d made her bed and now she had to lie in it—until death do her and her husband part. It isn’t until her father’s death over a decade later that Layla gains the courage to leave her marriage. She hopes to find peace living alone, but her dreams of happily ever after died a long time ago.

Cole Lawson has spent years secretly pining for his former best friend. Layla Parker captured his heart sophomore year of high school, but she was already taken. When she married her boyfriend two years later, she and Cole grew apart and have rarely seen each other since. Cole’s been a lady killer since the day he realized that his dimpled smile made all the cowgirls swoon, but when he discovers Layla is newly single he’s ready to put an end to his womanizing ways and make a serious play for the one who got away.

When tragedy strikes the Lawson family, Cole and Layla’s rekindled friendship grows into something more, but soon a dark secret from Layla’s past threatens to destroy their shot at forever. Now Cole will have to decide—listen to his heart or to the people warning him that Layla might not be as innocent as she seems.


“Good morning, sweetness,” he said, blinking sleepily as he returned her grin. “How long have you been awake?”

“About an hour,” she said, going into his arms as he reached for her.

“I’m sorry.” He pulled her onto his chest, wrapping a warm arm around her waist. “You should have woken me up. I would have made you coffee.”

“I liked watching you.” She pressed a kiss to his bare skin, her body beginning to hum the way it always did when she touched this man. “You’re pretty when you sleep.”

He humphed. “Not pretty enough or you would have woken me up with a kiss.”

She laughed. “I don’t do morning breath, Lawson. Not even for a man as pretty as you.”

“You’re not using your imagination, Parker,” Cole countered, rolling over until she was pinned beneath him. “You didn’t have to kiss me on the mouth.”

“Oh?” Layla’s pulse picked up as Cole’s hand trailed up her thigh. “Is that so? Where should I have kissed you then?” she asked, playing innocent.

“I’ll show you.” He tossed off the blanket and sheet before scooting down to the end of the bed until his mouth was level with her curled legs. “There’s the ankle, for example. The ankle is very sensitive first thing in the morning.” He pressed a kiss to the skin just beneath the inside of her left ankle, his soft lips and scruffy face combining to make the kiss even more delicious than she’d been expecting.

She shivered. “That is nice. I didn’t know that about ankles.”

“Backs of knees, too,” he said, urging her legs farther apart, settling between them before bringing his mouth to hover behind her bent knee.

“See?” he said, breath heating her skin, sending another prickle of awareness dancing on kitten feet up the inside of her thighs. “This back of knee doesn’t care what my breath smells like. It has no awareness of morning breath. Not even a little bit. Isn’t that right back of knee?”

“Yes,” he answered himself in a high-pitched voice. “That’s right, Cole.”

Layla giggled. “Is that supposed to be my knee talking back to you?”

“Well, of course it’s me,” he continued in the same squeaky tone. “Who else would it be, Missy? Seems like you’d recognize my voice after thirty years together.”

“I’m so sorry, knee,” Layla said, rolling her eyes as she laughed. “I can’t believe you’re making my body parts talk. You’re so weird.”

“Weird?” He affected a wounded expression.

So weird,” she said, still laughing.

“Fine, Parker,” he said, eyes darkening as his palms came to rest on the insides of her thighs. “If making your body parts talk is so weird, I guess I’ll have to settle for making you scream instead.”

Can’t wait until my Kindle App happily announces I have a new download! And once it does, consider yourself ignored. I will be all Cole all the time. Yay!

To accompany my reading, I made myself a Country Music playlist. And because sharing is caring, I am sharing it with you.

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