The Benefits Of Ezekiel Bread

When one of Ange’s, our resident Health Foodie Editor, requires bread, she always suggests using Ezekiel bread.

If you’re anything like me, I had never knew such a bread existed. In the process of educating myself, I asked Ange why this bread? And what makes it different than all others that fill the aisles our local super markets? Turns out to be a lot of difference.

The benefits of eating Ezekiel bread:

  • Doesn’t contain sugar.
  • Is flourless.
  • Full of protein.
  • High fiber.
  • Made from organic sprouted whole grains.
  • Contains 4 cereal grains: wheat, millet, barley, and spelt.
  • Has 2 types legumes: soybeans and lentils.

For more information on sprouting visit Authority Nutrition. You could find Ezekiel bread at your local supermarkets frozen section. I bought the low sodium Ezekiel 4:9 bread from Food for Life. It’s not only certified organic, it is also vegan.

There’s two downsize to this bread: The price, I paid $4.99 for a loaf. And it needs to be kept frozen because it spoils pretty fast. However it was very tasty, and very filling.

Hope this information helps, or at least helps you pay better attention to that nutrition facts panel.

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  1. clhussier says:

    Reblogged this on courtney's holistic approach and commented:
    And it tastes delicious! I like to spread some mashed avocado on a piece when eating with eggs in the morning… or it’s also wonderful with any sort of nut butter! One time I experimented using it to make French toast and yes… it was delicious! The possibilities are endless!

  2. Glory Bourdier says:

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  3. staywellwithash says:

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  4. Ben Miller says:

    switched to it a few months back, love it.

    1. Dee Shore says:

      It’s really delicious and very filling. I loved making the change myself.

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