Organic Vegan Taco

Organic Vegan Tacos

Have four minutes? Then you can toss these Organic Vegan Tacos together. Thanks to Ange for this amazing recipe!

This recipe makes 3 tacos

  • 3 Organic Store Ground Corn Shell from Trader Joe’s – 195 Calories
  • .2 cup of Organic Broccoli Slaw from Trader Joe’s – 5 Calories
  • 2 tbsp Salsa Auntentica from Trader Joe’s – 10 Calories
  • .2 cups of Organic Black Beans – 65 calories
  • .1 cup of Red Raw Onion – 3 Calories
  • .5 Medium Avocado – 117 Calories

Total calories per Taco 132.


Heat up the Taco shells. While they are in the oven, cut up the red onion and half the avocado into cubes. Then layers it all up the shell and enjoy!

Organic Vegan Tacos Nutrional Value

This recipe is vegan and all ingredients are organic. You can add cheese if you prefer. Soy cheese will still keep this recipe vegan, And of course, any cheese, adds more calories per taco.

If you make these, show them off on Instagram or all social media, using the Hashtag #NLHealthyFoodie.

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