Nerd Corner: AfterFocus

Nerd Corner - AfterFocus

Spring Bonjour

There’s a zillion photo apps out there and I try most of them because I enjoy photography. Most I delete because they fail to do what they claim to do.

This app is different. Why? Because it works. Introducing you to AfterFocus. It takes your ordinary mobile photos and turn them into DSLR like quality. Not only does it focus into your selected area, it also has filters that help you spicy up the looks of the photo. I used the Vintage filter on the after picture above.

PCWorld says, ” It’s fun and easy to use.” And I agree! All you do is take or choose a picture, circle your focus area, and then your background and viola!

If you’re interest in checking this app, it’s available at the AppStore and Google Play. I know it’s free for Android, but it’s $.99 for the iPhone app.

Check it out and share your pictures? I want to see! 

Spring XOXO

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