App Alert: Bunny Free

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ve probably read me say, that for my personal use, 90% of my makeup is cruelty-free. It’s a personal preference. I’m an animal lover and it’s hard to think that any animal was hurt to make me look pretty. However, as a beauty blogger, it’s really hard to limit…

Nerd Corner: Timehop

Ever wonder what you were up to a year ago? How about two? Three? Four years ago? Wonder no more! Introducing Timehop. Founded in 2011 originally to be part of Foursquare, this app allows you to view your social media updates on the specific date up to four years ago. Check it out! This was…

Red Stamp for Android

So excited to announce that one of my favorite apps, Red Stamp, is now available for Android. Thank you Red Stamp ultra lords! Download from Google Play, like right now. You’ll thank me later. XOXOXO Dee

Nerd Corner: AfterFocus

There’s a zillion photo apps out there and I try most of them because I enjoy photography. Most I delete because they fail to do what they claim to do. This app is different. Why? Because it works. Introducing you to AfterFocus. It takes your ordinary mobile photos and turn them into DSLR like quality….

Dee Weekly for March 18-24

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s my round up for the week. Check out what you missed 😉 Wedding Gown Of The Week  Nerd Corner Foodie & Spork Insomniac Does DIY Beauty & Girly Things Have a great night ya’ll!

Nerd Corner: Wedding Party App

Wedding Party App is one of those apps I wish wasn’t catered just for weddings. For example, I would kill to be able to use this at my sister’s baby shower. Wouldn’t it be killer? I know I can still use it but it’s not the same. Everyone has mobiles, and you know that your…