A Snowy Saturday


Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Here in the NY Tri-State area, we woke up with snow on the ground. Thank you Nemo {insert joke here}. I did peak my head out our balcony a few times last night and it was coming down hard. You could barely seen across the street. When it was all set and done, in my neck of the woods, there was a foot of snow on the ground.

I had to run to the bank this morning, not by choice, and I took a few pictures as I walked down the street with my mobile to share with ya’ll.

During lunch today, if I get brave, I may be a big ole nerd and go out and build myself a Snow TARDIS lol Who wants to help me???

Did Nemo snow down on you too? How many inches? LOL that sounds naughty.


ps. Heading tomorrow to Atlantic City for the night with a few friends. The Pool at Harrah’s here we come!

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