November 25 photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Time. The past month, I’ve been having and incredible time. From my friend Lynda’s bachelorette party, to my Nerd Birthday Bar Crawl. I’m fortunate to have a bunch of crazy and fantastic women around me. Can’t wait until next weekend, when Lynda and Jay say, “We’re hitched!”.

November Photo Challenge: Day 15

DAY FIFTEEN: Hot + Cold. This where I am today, The Pool @ Harrah’s Atlantic City. To celebrate my friend Lynda’s Bachelorette Party! It could be -30°F degrees outside and you can still party at The Pool because its always 82 degrees in there. I love this place!

Bon Voyage DeeDee!

My goddaughter Dyanett took her first vacation out of Puerto Rico, and spent about three weeks with us. My aunt and uncle brought her along on their vacation, and I was beyond excited to have her here. Being that we live so far away, it’s difficult to build a true relationship and this was my…

The Pool @ Harrah’s

It’s Friday, woo hoo! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s. If you notice, I changed my website’s layout to St Patty’s. What do you think? Last weekend, a few friends and I went for an over night stay to one of my favorite hotels, The Harrah’s Hotel in Atlantic City. Why is this hotel my…

Song Of The Day by Chameleon Circuit

I’m in Atlantic City, or on my way there, but I wanted to leave you all with a song. This one is dedicated to my fellow Whovian nerds. I discovered the band in where else but Tumblr and I wanted to share it with y’all. Enjoy!

A Snowy Saturday

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Here in the NY Tri-State area, we woke up with snow on the ground. Thank you Nemo {insert joke here}. I did peak my head out our balcony a few times last night and it was coming down hard. You could barely seen across the street. When it…