I heart weddings!

I love weddings. I love what they stand for. I love the fashion. I love the open bar lol!

Most people attend weddings for the food and the party. In fact, the majority of guests don’t attend the wedding ceremony, which is really weird to me. Isn’t the wedding ceremony the whole point, and the reception is just a bonus? Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually one of the first people on the dance floor. But missing the exchange of vows, is missing the entire point all together.

Ok, I get it, wedding ceremonies could drag on forever, and depending on where they take place, they could be extremely boring. What we need to remember is that the ceremony is not for you or I, it’s for the couple. This is the moment when they look into each others eyes and say “you’re stuck with me sucker!”. And as much as we want cry out to get on with it, we need to be there and pay attention to the union happening in front of our eyes. Call me a romantic but it’s extraordinary when two people that truly love each other take that step.

I know, a lot of us are cynics, and may not even believe in marriage. But I like to think that true love doesn’t only exist in a black and white films. I like to think that honest love is real, and this is why I love weddings so much.

Plus, it was my love of weddings that in part inspired me get started in graphics, and photography, which are a couple of my other obsessions.

So I will be adding a weddings section to my blog, along with my 7,000 other topics lol. What can I say? I love a lot of things.

If I see interest, there are a few other wedding inspired sections I will be adding, and even maybe some day my own bridal magazine. Hey, I can dream, right?

And her to kick off my wedding section, I’ll like share with you my favorite bridal store… David’s Bridal lmao! No, no, no. I’m kidding. No disrespect to David’s, however in my eyes there’s only one amazing bridal store in the whole wide world, and that’s Lovely Bride. If you’ve never heard of this store, then allow me to introduce you.

Lovely has two locations, NYC and LA, and they carry the most beautiful and romantic bridal gowns in existence. Some of my favorite brands they have in stock are  Badgley MischkaSarah Seven, and Watters. All they need is Jenny Packham and Monique Lhuillier and I am moving in lol! You could see their complete designer list here.

Here is what Lovely Bride is straight from their own website:

click photo to be redirected to the Lovely Bride website

I feel each bride deserves that special treatment while looking for one of the most significant dresses they’ll ever wear. And Lovely Bride, will give you that special touch and more.

One more thing, Lovely runs by appointment only. So please call ahead and make your appointment before showing up? Merci! For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter.

No it’s your turn to share with me, what’s your favorite Bridal Store? 

ps- I’ve contacted the store in hopes they allow me to take a photo tour of the location to share with you. Cross your fingers for me!

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