Where’s the syrup?

Today I had pancakes for breakfast. Mmm pancakes! Normally I don’t eat a rich breakfast. It’s usually things along the line of yogurt, fruit, granola bar, cereal, and oatmeal because, I’m trying to watch what I eat. I also consume little to no sugar. So eating pancakes it’s not something I usually think about in the morning. Any who, today they just sounded like a great idea. So I whipped myself a couple of Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes. Just as I’m about to sit down and eat, I start looking around and I have NO syrup. Where’s the syrup? Did the goblins steal it? I looked every where, but nooooo the dang thing was no where to be found. Then I open the cabinet for the thirtieths time and what’s starring me in the face? Honey. “Uh…I wonder how that’ll taste?”  I’ll tell you how it tasted, it tasted like an orgasmic heaven! Why had I not try pancakes with honey before? It was honestly better than maple syrup. Sorry Canada. From now on, when I eat pancakes they’ll be lightly drizzled in honey. Thank you syrup goblins! What’s the strangest food combination you’ve ever put together and it just taste AWESOME?

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