Ipsy September 2017

It’s that time of the month again, Ipsy’s Glam Bag unbagging! I really love this month’s theme, Like. A. Boss. Because that’s what we all are. Bosses of our life. About the Bag All black, faux leather, and spiked. Is there anything more Like. A. Boss. than the September Glam Bag design? We. Think. Not….

Ipsy Glam Bag August 2017

I haven’t done an unbagging in 40,000 years (more like months but we’ll go with it). So, I figured, I pick it back up with my first monthly subscription, Ipsy. I’ve been a subscriber for about two years now. You have NO idea how many makeup bags I now own. I’ll never need one. Ever….

November 2016 | Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown

Hey nerds! I know we are delayed again and are just getting around to the November Ipsy Glam Bag. This was actually my birthday bag so I was excited to get it. In honor of me getting older, and hotter, I decided to do something a bit different. Rather than just pictures, I filmed an…