Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I turn the big 4-0h! Yup I’m 40. And I couldn’t be happier with my life. I know I’ve been missing from these parts and that’s simply because I have been super busy. I’ve been all over the place attending events, and also traveling. There’s so much I want to share with you. I…

It’s my Birthday!!!

To celebrate my birthday, I asked my niece to pick my makeup colors for me. And she chose pink and green shadows for me… just like a Maybelline mascara. Here’s what I came up with. And of course when you are trying to take pictures with a 4 year old around… I love my niece….

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Friday the 13th ya’ll. Guess what? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I know how epic is it for my birthday to fall on Friday The 13th? Jason could be my date, huh? Sexy! For my birthday I have one wish, and that’s to raise $400 for my Birthday Wish Campaign to benefit Charity:Water. So I am asking you guys,…

36 Never Looked This Good!

Happy 36th Birthday to me! Because its my birthday I am skipping the November Photo Challenge. I am an extremely blessed woman. I am surrounded by a family that actually loves me. And friends I couldn’t see living without. As I turn 36, I’ve never felt healthier, younger, and happier. No matter how busy I…

It’s My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Spending the day at Universal Orlando with my family. Can’t wait!