36 Never Looked This Good!


Happy 36th Birthday to me! Because its my birthday I am skipping the November Photo Challenge. I am an extremely blessed woman. I am surrounded by a family that actually loves me. And friends I couldn’t see living without. As I turn 36, I’ve never felt healthier, younger, and happier. No matter how busy I make myself, its days like today that make it all worth it.

I gave myself some birthday pampering and had my nails and feel done.


I fell in love with the color when I saw it. It has sparkles of deeper blue in it. Its QRS Love is Blue. Kind of looks like a TARDIS blue right!? Lol my nerd is showing.

Thank you for all my amazing birthday wishes!

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  1. Happy birthday, fellow blogging friend! It’s so great to know you had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Dee Shore says:

      Thank you SO much! 😊😀😄

      1. Yeah, you’re welcome!

        By the way, that color blue is amazing. That’s what made your whole post pop out at me and I just had to read it, haha! You’re as young as you feel and you don’t look a day over 25!

      2. Dee Shore says:

        You are 100% right and I do feel better than when I was 25 😘 isn’t it a great color!? It poped out at me in the wall of colors as my nail place.

      3. That’s awesome to hear! I for one think birthdays are very important and hate when people are sad on theirs. It just sucks and no one should have that mentality!
        So, I’m really happy you feel that way on yours!
        20, 40, or 100! Who cares, it’s another year to smile.

        And great choice!

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